Name and Center of the Association

Article 1- Name of the Association: "Turkish Pathology Association.

The headquarters of the association is in Istanbul.

The Association may open branches abroad and within the country.

Purpose of the Association and Fields of Activity and Fields of Activity to be Continued by the Association in order to Realize This Purpose

Article 2- The Association was established with the aim of bringing together the graduates of faculties and high schools working in the Pathology branch of Medicine or close to them, to ensure social and scientific solidarity.

Working Subjects and Forms to be Continued by the Association

1- To conduct researches for the activation and development of its activities,

2- To organize training activities such as courses, seminars, conferences and panels,

3- To obtain all kinds of information, documents, documents and publications necessary for the realization of the purpose, to establish a documentation center, to issue publications such as newspapers, magazines, books in line with its objectives and to distribute study and information bulletins to its members,

4- To provide a healthy working environment for the realization of the purpose, to provide all kinds of technical tools and equipment, fixtures and stationery,

5- To carry out fundraising activities and to accept donations from the country and abroad, provided that the necessary permissions are obtained,

6- Establishing and operating economic, commercial and industrial enterprises in order to provide the revenues needed for the realization of the purposes of the Regulation,

7- Opening clubs, establishing social and cultural facilities and furnishing them so that its members can benefit and spend their free time,

8- Meetings, concerts, balls, theater, exhibitions, sports, excursions and entertaining activities etc. to organize or to enable its members to benefit from such activities,

9- Buying, selling, renting, leasing movable and immovable property needed for the activities of the Association and establishing real rights on immovables,

10- Establishing a foundation, establishing a federation or joining an established federation if deemed necessary for the realization of the purpose, Establishing facilities that associations can establish with permission by obtaining the necessary permission,

11- To carry out international activities, to be a member of associations or organizations abroad and to collaborate or cooperate with these organizations on a project basis,

12- In order to realize the purpose of the association, to receive financial aid from associations with similar purposes, worker and employer unions and professional organizations and to provide financial assistance to the aforementioned institutions,

13- If deemed necessary for the realization of the purpose, without prejudice to the provisions of the Law No. 5072 on the Relationship of Associations and Foundations with Public Institutions and Organizations, to carry out joint projects with public institutions and organizations in their fields of duty,

14- Establishing a fund in order to meet the essential needs such as food, clothing, other goods and services and short-term credit needs of the members of the association,

15- To open branches and representative offices where deemed necessary,

16- Establishing platforms to achieve a common purpose with other associations or foundations, unions and similar non-governmental organizations in areas that are related to the purpose of the association and not prohibited by law,

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